FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders over $25! Continental US only. Key Features 1. Revolutionary Bak2Pak™ carrying system (patented)        Multiple ways to carry (5)        - Backpack on both shoulders        - Backpack on one shoulder        - Single strap on outside shoulder        - Single strap across body and opposite shoulder        - Reinforced grab handle on top of bag 2. Top loading laptop compartment (hidden along the back edge behind the top handle) separate from the main compartment for easy access and protection        - Padded laptop compartment with velour lining so it won't scratch your laptop        - Laptop stabilizers for those who want a snug fit for their laptops        - Water resistant zipper for laptop compartment 3. Lumbar "bum" pads to cushion the bag against your lower back 4. Roll up tabs to reduce excess strap length on the shoulder straps 5.  Mesh padded straps to keep you comfortable and dry 6.  Sternum and waist straps for added support 7.  Luggage handle pass-thru slot 8.  Umbrella/newspaper holder on the underside of the front flap 9.  Loads of pockets for all of your accessories i.e. power cords, mp3 player, headphones, cell phone, PDA, CD/DVDS, etc. 10.  Inside mesh see-thru pocket 11.  2 size mesh water bottle holders 12.  Key ring clip 13.  Water resistant        - Exterior/interior fabric made of high quality nylon  with water resistant backing 14.  BBP Limited Lifetime Warranty Specifications Exterior Dimensions and Weight Small - 15.5"W x 12"H x 6" D - 3.5lbs Large - 18" W x 14" H x 6" D - 4.5 lbs XL -  19.5" W x 14" H x 6" D - 5 lbs Main Compartment Capacity Small - 1023 cu in Large - 1386 cu in XL -  1502 cu in Laptop Capacity Mac's Small - 11-13" Mac's Large - 15” and 17" Mac's XL - 17" Mac's (with some room to spare) Laptop Capacity PC's (Generally) Small - up to 13.25"W x 9.5"H x 1.25"D (Up to 13" PC's) Large - up to 15.75"W x 11.5"H x1.25"D (Up to 16" PC's) XL - up to 17"W x 11.5"H x 1.5"D (Up to 17" PC's) .... but as with any PC laptop it gets complicated since there's no standardization.   Here is how to calculate it exactly.   Because the laptop opening is a linear zipper, the gating factor is the zipper for putting in a 2D laptop.  The calculation for the zipper opening clearance becomes this for example: W + D must be less than or equal to 14.5" for a Small bag W + D <= 16.5" for a Large bag W + D <= 17.5" for  XL bag Clearance for the height is somewhat similar. H + D <= 12" for a Small bag H + D <= 14" for a Large bag H + D <= 14" for a XL bag For example, a laptop may have these dimensions : 14.1"W x 10.5" H x 1.5"D.  a.  Zipper clearance 14.1 + 1.5 = 15.6  therefore it clears only a Large or XL b. Height clearance 10 + 1.5 = 11.5 clears the small and larger, but the zipper clearance requires Large or XL. Industry Reviews (too many to list all of them) Best Laptop Bag Overall : BBP Hybrid Laptop Bag, Consumer Search (click here) Get Some Style Out of Your Tech Without Losing Functionality, Fox News Houston, Feb 2010 (click here) Cool Material, BBP Bags, Feb 2010 (click here) BBP's Great Hybrid Hampton Bag Converts From Messenger to Backpack And Back, Cult of Mac, Feb 2010 (click here) Review of the Bbp Hamptons Hybrid Laptop Messenger - Associated Content Lifestyle, September 2009 (click here) The Most Comfortable Laptop Bag You'll Ever Use - March 2009 (click here) BBP Laptop Bags Reviewed - (click here) 4 Must-have Gadgets - CNN Money, Business 2.0 Magazine, September 2007 "For years I've been looking for a bag with compartments for all my gadgets that I could take on a plane or into a boardroom. With the BBP hybrid, I've finally found it - a bag that can be a backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase and looks professional enough to go anywhere. It has all the features you find in the best messenger bags (padded straps, multiple water-bottle holders, plenty of pockets both inside and out), as well as the durability you expect from a good laptop case (bulletproof exterior, water-resistant fabric, padded compartments)."  Read full article here: - BBP Ergonomic Evaluation "The Bum Back Pack, or BBP, is a new take on an old standard, or a couple of old standards. The Bum Back Pack is a hybrid messenger bag/laptop carrying case. It also has some great ergonomics. The bag has an ingenious strap system that quickly changes from a single shoulder strap to a dual back pack strap system that hangs the bag at your bum to ease the strain on your back."  Read full article here: - Top 9 Messenger Style Laptop Bags The hybrid messenger/backpack laptop bag from Bumbakpak is an innovative take on design for those of us who need and have to carry our laptops for any length of time or over any distance. The design of these laptop bags enable the user to carry this case in backpack mode and keep their hands free and when they need to look more "professional" and "grown-up" as a single strap messenger style bag. What more do you want from your laptop bag? BBP Hamptons Messenger-Backpack Bag Ergonomically designed backpack or messenger bag. (September 25th, 2007)BBP Hamptons Messenger-Backpack Bag - electronista, September 2007 (click here) My Favorite Ergonomic Laptop Bag - August 2007 (click here) Want more proof, just google and you’ll find even more. Reviews BRIAN MYERS - OCTOBER 03 2011 I've owed two bbp bags for almost 6 years now, and my partner owns one. We LOVE them. They are the longest lasting bags we've ever had, and still look great! Sturdy materials, solid hardware, ultra-comfortable and attractive, I constantly get complements on it and inquiries where to get one–and I'm always happy to send them here! Two more things: 1) bbp customer service is just lovely and 2) I could really use a smaller blue and orange Hamptons bag in iPad size! Just sayin'... ADAM - AUGUST 30 2011 I'm a bag snob and I LOVE this bag.....TRUST me it's the BEST. ROBERT KELLY - AUGUST 20 2011  Someone has finally made The Perfect Bag! MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ - AUGUST 05 2011 This bag is genius. Velcro straps on those long straps to tighten/loosen the arms, and make them even every time. super comfortable, the umbrella holder is BRILLIANT, along with how much it can stretch open with books and such. A great buy. CORY - AUGUST 03 2011 I bought this bag about 4 years ago and I LOVE IT. Some of the mesh has ripped out, the inside has opened seams (I'm also very hard on bags ;) ), but the bag has been around the world and I'm still using it daily today. Thanks BBP - it's an amazingly innovative bag that I've gotten the purchase price x 100 out of. :) Thanks! DAVE - JULY 22 2011 Best bag i have ever owned. Travelling as a software consulting all over the Mid-West and the west coast... this bag is, by far, AWESOME! i use the conversion to a backpack alot when travelling on trains and planes. It has everything i need and the construction is superb! DOMAINDIVA - MAY 24 2011 I LOVE THIS BAG!!! I have an 18" Toshiba, it fits perfectly in the main compartment in a sleeve. I can store ALL of my gadgets as well as travel wallet and docs so nothing gets lost. It goes all over the world with me and best of all being a small person I can pack this bag full and manage just fine. Great job BBP!!! BASKERVILLE - APRIL 05 2011 Fabulous bag! I am a journalist and it has traveled around the world with me. It is as tough as a tank and water resistant (proofed if you apply spray). You can fit the large size under an airplane seat or easily in the overhead bins. I highly recommend this bag for anyone on the go who likes lots of compartments, needs something sturdy and want the option of wearing it on your behind or up on your lower back. BOSWORTH - MARCH 10 2011 Searched for a well reviewed, well liked bag for my 13' Macbook Pro 2011. Have InCase cover on laptop. Wanted protection, airline friendly, and roomy bag. Needed a 16x14x12 limit for free personal item carryon for Spirit airlines. This is perfect. plenty of storage area, large inside zipper pocket with subpockets inside was not discovered until after a few minutes of exploring the bag. Nice lines, black and professional enough, waterproof zipper for laptop sleeve pocket. Good zipper movement. Was leery of reviewer who claimed something was digging into his/her shoulder. I have no comfort problems. Great purchase. Don't know what is out there that beats features, price and performance, etc. No problem recommending this at all. LARRY M. - MARCH 08 2011 I've had this bag for five years! I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro and I'm a business executive who travels about 45k miles a year. This bag is awesome! I will ultimately have to replace it since it is looking a little worn but the quality has allowed this bag to hold up through five years of serious abuse and travel. The bag protects and carries everything you need. I've packed everything for trips and this bag has room to spare. Only negative has been the weather proofing on the zipper; it will eventually dry out and crack. This doesn't damage or hinder the zipper usage but does detract from the overall appearance. I ended up just peeling it off so it wouldn't look tattered. Once again the best bag I've ever owned! I've gone through so many that I have passed onto my kids but ever since I've had this they have been bummed to realize they don't get any more hand-me-downs. :) My recommendation is to put some more logos on the bag and drop it $20. Thanks. TRIS S - DECEMBER 30 2010 I've had my bag for 3 going on 4 years. I have in 15 inch Macbook and am a full time student as well as an IT professional. Also, I travel often over the northeast often. Not only has my bag taken a complete beating over the time I've owned it and has protected all my equipment in the process, I also can pack it to the limit and even carry a change of clothes or two as well as deodorant, toothbrush, etc when I travel. I came here to buy another ;-) TERRANCE HEATH - DECEMBER 20 2010 I've only had this bag for less than a day, so perhaps I should reserve my opinion. But I must say it's already scored points with me. As soon as I opened it, I was impressed with the sturdy construction. I'm a pretty demanding user when it comes to laptop bags. I carry mine to work every day, plus vacations, trips, etc. My first impression is that this bag will last me a long time. I also carry a LOT of stuff. way more than I should, in fact. Stuff goes into my bag and never comes out. The downside is that I can never find anything. When I saw how many pockets this thing had, I still wondered if it would be enough. As I started transferring things to the bbp bag, I made use of all the pockets. When I was done I realized I hadn't put anything the main compartment. Time will tell how I end up feeling about this bag, but my first impression is a very good one. ADAM H. - NOVEMBER 16 2010 I use this bag as my mobile office. I searched far and wide to to find something that I could load up to 30+lbs and still be able to carry comfortably. I have long commutes around the globe and carry evertything from my laptop, printer, paper, stationary and handbooks for completing field reports. All the pockets make it easy to organize and keep everything where I left it. The exterior laptop sleeve is a bonus in airports and acts as a place to stash my passport and wallet when going through security instead of leaving it exposed in a bin; although I do end up getting searched more often because I can pack this bag so tight that they can't see everything in it! As an abuser of the equipment I own, this bag is tough and very handy. When it wears out, I will definitely be getting another. TLORENZ - SEPTEMBER 30 2010 I own 6 or so bags and packs. This one is far and above my favourite. No more backaches; no more sore shoulders; no more fatigue at the end of the day. Customer service is fantastic: same day service and very willing to be as helpful as possible. Even the sizing charts on the website are accurate. There's a place for everything I need to carry (and then some) so it's real easy to get whatever you need without digging and getting frustrated. It's just a really well-made bag at an incredibly good price. Shop around (like I did) and see for yourself. At the end of the day, you won't find a better bag... and you won't be spent! ANONYMOUS - SEPTEMBER 09 2010 Anyone who carries a laptop should have this bag. This bag is above all, good for your back. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I want to make sure I'm always flexible and carrying a 20 pound bag (laptop+charger+bag+etc.) without ergonomic features isn't a good way to accomplish that. Since BBP bags started selling in 2005, I bought their Hamptons Hybrid. Since then, the bag has traveled thousands of miles, attracted a number of curious looks, and relieved back strain during tiring travels. There are some issues with the strap, as many other reviewers noted. Personally, I would feel even better if the entire bag had waterproof material. The laptop compartment is waterproof, though, and that's enough for most people. However, the strap is only a minor issue on an otherwise incomparable bag. They also stand behind their warranty. My bag from 5 years ago had some issues after plenty of use, and I was offered repair/replacement. Overall, the bags are worth every hard earned penny. ROGER HOLIEN - SEPTEMBER 07 2010 This bag (Hybrid) is great. Its light, and comforatable around my shoulder. When I travel, the easy access to my Macbook Pro (prized postion) makes its easier to travel. I just love all the pockets for back up storage drives, ipod, papers, ets. This bag rocks in my book. MEG - AUGUST 25 2010 The Hybrid is a great bag. I love the versatility. I can carry by hand when I am not schlepping my laptop around the city and on subways, but I can quickly convert it to a backpack. Even when my bag is fully loaded, I feel no stress on my shoulders and upper back. I also cannot believe how well made and thought out the design is. My only regret is that I bought the mid-size on clearance (love the tangerine color) but the smaller size would probably have been better fit. JENNIFER MAGEE - JUNE 29 2010 I got my first bag just over a year ago. I have a bad back and a 10.3lb laptop. When I have my bag on, I hardly notice the excess weight. Now the laptop is going to my dad and the bag is probably going with it (nooooo!). That said, the only reason I haven't picked up my Hamptons Hybrid is because I don't know if I want the khaki/tan or if I should hold out for the black :) BIKE COMMUTER TO PROFESSIONAL JOB - JUNE 03 2010 After 3 months of daily use, I really like the concept and mostly like the execution. It is very practical and serves well as a commuter bag for bikers which doesn't look ridiculous (as a back pack does) when carried into a professional meeting. Three (soluble?) design problems: 1) when in backpack mode and cynched down to prevent sway, the metal hinges connecting the shoulder straps to the bag really dig into my back uncomfortably (this would just require a different latch material and shape); 2) when in single shoulder strap mode, there is excess shoulder strap below the D-ring which just awkwardly flaps around unable to be secured (add a securing button?); and 3) when in single shoulder strap mode, the comfort pads are half on top and half on the bottom, making it look a bit strange and making it a little awkward to find how to wear it most comfortably. I look forward to the next design update, and will hope for a discounted upgrade. Then it will be 5 stars. Now it is a strong 4 Purchase Now! $99.95 MSRP Most orders ship in 1-2 business days *Sorry, medium is no longer available
Hamptons Hybrid Messenger Backpack BBP's Flagship Laptop Bag.  The Hamptons Hybrid laptop bag features the revolutionary Bak2Pak™ Carrying System (patented) that makes it the most ergonomic backpack on the market.  It also cleverly converts from super ergonomic low-riding backpack to single strap messenger.  The super convenient top-loading laptop compartment (it's hidden along the top back edge behind the handle) let's you zip through airport security, yet protects your valuable laptop with heavy padding and a rubber coated zipper.  The separate spacious main compartment and the plethora of pockets/subcompartments are great for stuffing in books, folders, power cords, phone, MP3 player,  etc...  Fantastic for students as well as professionals.  Keep in mind, our hybrid bags are backpacks first (which is far better for your back/neck/shoulders) and single strap messengers second.  Click images to enlarge